SEO Audit

Each website regardless of its status or ratings needs to be subjected to an SEO audit. What an SEO auditor does is evaluate the way your website operates and checks for all the possible problems that can hinder its work now and in the future.

If your website experienced a sudden drop in traffic or your it is not getting the rankings you’ve been looking for, an audit can help you find the reasons. Even if it seems that the website is operating properly, there are always a few things that need to be dealt with in order to prevent complications.

Besides identifying all the current and potential issues your website might have, we will offer you the most viable and versatile solutions to deal with the problems. Each audit is carefully crafted by hand so each issue can be analyzed in detail and all the proper recommendation can be given to fix whatever is broken.

Once our professional auditors complete the SEO audit, we will draft an extensive and easy-to-read report with a list of all problems. The report will also include in-depth recommendations for what can be done to improve your website’s performance. You’ll get a chance to review the report and then ask all the questions you might have about it.

During SEO Audit I will:

  • Analyze top keywords phrases - Are they created to bring the right traffic? Are they overused? Should they be changed or altered?
  • Analyze Website Content - Is the website content unique? Does it suit your goals? Is the word count high or low enough?
  • Analyze the Images – Are the image titles in place? Are there broken image links?
  • Analyze META issues – Are there any page title or page description errors?
  • Check for Technical Issues – Indexation, crawlability, and possible code problems.
  • Indexation/Accessibility – Are the Search Engines finding what they are set to find on your website?
  • Analyze Inbound Links – How does your website inbound link profile fare?
  • Analytics – Are there any problems with Google Analytics implementation?
  • Analyze Social Media Landscape – Overview of social media presence and how your website is benefiting from it.
  • Analyze the Competition – Checking the competition’s marketing strategy and finding the strong and weak points for your use. How does your website perform against the competition?
  • Analyze Mobile Website – Is your website mobile friendly? Does it work as it should be on the mobile devices?
  • Draft a plan – Create a “what’s next” plan for fixing whatever problems you have with your website.

Benefits of SEO Audit

An SEO audit will give you a chance to check if your website is “healthy” and find out if it’s really working for you. A timely SEO audit will help you avoid unexpected problems and prevent any loss of profit. Consider ordering an SEO audit as a preventive measure in order to avoid possible problems in the future.

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