Penalty Removal Services

If your website was hit with a Google penalty, you need professional assistance to remove it. Whatever the reason for the penalty is, any business owner wants to remove it and needs it to be done as fast as possible. A Google penalty erases your website from the rankings and stops your business from making profits.

Penguin or Panda

Whether you hear about these Google updates for the first time or already know the adverse effect they might have on your website, I can help you get off these animal radars and get back on top of your game.

These program updates help make Google search more efficient by getting rid of the websites that use inappropriate methods to lure visitors while not providing the information they are looking for. Unfortunately, credible websites can also be hit with these penalties and removing them can be somewhat tricky. An SEO specialist can help you deal with the problem in the shortest amount of time.

Penalty Removal Timeframe

The penalty assessment and recovery is not an easy process. The timeframe depends on the number of bad links we will find on your website. Usually, it takes at least 3 weeks to remove the penalty. You need to remember that Google needs about 2 weeks to evaluate the reconsideration request.

Penalty Removal Steps

  • Link Analysis. I manually review each link using strict criteria. I double check with special software that evaluates the nature of your links.
  • Link Removal. After showing you the results and getting information on which links must stay, I proceed to remove the bad links by requesting the webmasters to delete them or add them to Disavow.
  • Content Analysis. Is your website content original? Grammatically correct? Does it provide the information which is useful for readers? Is it thin? I run all types of different plagiarism and grammar checks to see if the content is good enough to satisfy the Panda analysis.
  • Consulting. I offer you a detailed report that allows you to fix the content issues as fast as possible.
  • Reconsideration request. After all the bad links are removed, I create a professionally-written and concise request to Google to reconsider the penalty.

Since being high on the Google rankings was what got you the penalty in the first place, many clients wonder if they’ll be able to regain the popularity. Unless the reason for the high rankings was the spam your website is filled with, then, unfortunately, the good results won’t return. However, most of my clients managed to get even better outputs than they did before they were hit with a penalty.

After removing the Google penalty, you need to reassess your approach to SEO, otherwise, the penalty will strike again. You might want to consider getting professional advice on a search engine and content optimization in order to avoid making the same mistakes again.