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    How Keyword Research is Done

    Keyword Research

    The goal of keyword research is to give you the invaluable tools to boost the popularity of your website and increase your business profits. It’s the major part of any SEO strategy.

    I start keyword research process by evaluating the nature of your business, learning the specific terms that apply to the company. Many business owners mistakenly believe that they know all there is to know about the way their target audience searches for their services.

    As SEO specialist I identify all the important information about the business and the target audience and come up with a wireframe that is satisfactory to the client. Once the structure is confirmed, I will proceed with the keyword research that involves the following steps.

    Keyword Research Process

    Studying the Target Audience
    Knowing the search behavior of the target audience is essential to selecting the proper keywords that will attract potential customers.
    Evaluating the Competition
    Studying the competition is vital to producing the right keywords. One- or two-word keywords might already be occupied by major players who won’t allow the website to get high up in Google rankings no matter how hard you try.
    Identifying Long Tail Keywords
    Long tail keywords are specific to your business have a high conversion probability. Perhaps only a few specific users will make a search using a long tail keyword, but if there is a 90% conversion rate, then it’s worth the effort.
    Content Development & Marketing
    It all begins with keywords. Identifying and ranking for the “right” keywords is key to campaign’s success. Targeting right keyword means getting the “right” kind of visitors. Intelligently searched keyword or a key phrase that would improve the website’s conversion – sales or enquiries is at the center point of TOP SEO’s game plan.
    Paying Attention to the Relevance
    While doing keyword research, experts often come up with high volume keywords that are not relevant to the business. They need to be eliminated in order not to generate useless traffic with a miniscule conversion rate.
    Analyzing the User Location
    Sometimes most of the search volume is created by people who live abroad. Such keywords will not be useful for a business that doesn’t offer international services.

    Benefits of Keyword Research

    Everyone searches differently so what an SEO expert does is “gets into the clients’ heads” and identifies what they are looking for. Using online tools might seem a cheap and easy way to generate some keywords for the business. However, only an SEO expert knows which ones are relevant.

    I make it my goal to find low-competition keywords with the highest search volume. This job can only be done by an experienced keyword searcher. I will do the analyzing, identifying, searching, sorting, and presenting job to help your business attract the most promising clients.

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