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Whether you are just starting on your way to creating a website or struggling with such serious problems as low search engine rankings or Google penalties, you might need assistance from an SEO expert.

A smart approach to earning money with a website requires hiring at least one SEO specialist who will help you with content optimization, keyword research, link building, meta tag creation, and other SEO-related concepts. Taking advantage of the modern SEO tools is compulsory for maximizing your profits in a matter of weeks as opposed to a lengthy and often worthless process of optimizing a website on your own.

Hiring an SEO consultant can save you a significant amount of time and money that you would otherwise spend on creating useless content and setting up an improper website structure. While filling a website with relevant information and making it readable for your target audience might seem simple, there are many small technical details that are easy to overlook.

Thanks to many years of experience in SEO consulting, I’m ready to offer high-quality SEO services for the clients in the Toronto area. With the right approach, my team can get your website optimized in a matter of weeks or even days.

I’m ready to provide assistance for all websites regardless the niche. My team is always available online to answer questions about website optimization. My main goal is to make your website work for you and not the other way around. The earlier we start working, the faster you can start earning money with your website.

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  • Amad Ebrahimi
    Dmitriy is extremely knowledgeable about SEO. He's a fast communicator and his turn around time was excellent. I'll be hiring him for ongoing SEO work.
    Amad Ebrahimi
    Merchant Maverick
  • Brad Dennis
    Dimitriy blew me away with his keyword research. He provided a huge boost for two of my critical projects. Thank you, Dimitriy
    Brad Dennis
    Great Gut LLC
  • Matthew Rosenfield
    Very experienced and professional, high quality performance in all aspects.
    Matthew Rosenfield
  • Scott Urbanoski
    Perfect! Couldn't ask for anything more. I'm a rookie with SEO, I got exactly what I needed. The biggest plus was the detailed explanation of why and what Dmitriy was doing to help improve my site. The guidance of what to do in the future was also very much appreciated. This is the beginning of a long-term business relationship.
    Scott Urbanoski

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